Friday, August 2, 2019

Sibling Domestic Violence

John Bowen Brown II Human Rights Activist
John Bowen Brown II Autism Advocate

 John Bowen Brown II

The Unsung Dirge of Domestic Violence-Sibling Abuse
WHAT: In a blog briefing human rights activist and autism advocate John Bowen Brown II will discuss the received sibling domestic abuse that guided him to the start of a new innovative program to safeguard autistics from sibling domestic violence

WHO:  John Bowen Brown II is a human rights activist and autism advocate. John has a bachelor of science degree in Human Services. Moreover, has had the privilege of presenting academic level conference papers in Europe and the U.S at the Italian organization CESNUR. In 2004 He traveled to the Philippines for a human rights project. John, currently, facilitates a support group for autistic adults in Tucson. He started the Autism Haven in 2019. John has autism spectrum disorder level 2

WHEN:     August 6, 2019 9:00 am (10:00 MDT; 1:00 EDT)

WHERE:  Online in the Blog Briefing Room at site URL
           Page URL:

WHY:    This sibling domestic violence program is the product of the child rape by John’s step- mother VFW Post 5993 Auilery President Robin Reinartz and sibling domestic abuse by his brother as a child with undiagnosed autism. This has led to a cover up on the internet by the Ava School Board Candidate Anna Gamboa

HOW:   For interviews or additional information, please contact: John Bowen Brown II at call 520-305-9349.