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Kris and I
   Hello, I am John Bowen Brown II. I have one step brother (Jason) and a half sister (Anna). Mom and dad were divorced in 1973 according to the divorced record. Mom is remarried and my dad remarried. Dad passed away in 1994 from circulatory failure resulting from Alcoholism Syndrome. Alcohol and drugs were not inalienable to my family. Grandma Dobbins was an alcoholic. Grandpa Dobbins was a "dry drunk." Mom became obsessed with heath. Jason started to use speed and alcohol. Dad's new wife (Robin) physically abused Jason and emotionally abused me. Dad actually kept his marriage to Robin a secret until she became pregnant. 
     My dad's side and my mom's of the family was always feuding. Robin was ordered by a court to not be present when we visited dad. I fled into the Jehovah's Witnesses (JW's) to shelter myself from the abuse at home and became obsessed with being religious. On top of this, I was bullied in middle school to the point that later in life it cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Then at 21 I was bullied by a JW cleric. So I left Orange, CA for Tucson. Never spoke to Grandpa Dobbins again. I needed to get away from all the abuse. The abuse left a scarred psyche.

     Then there is my brother the monster. Yes, he is a monster. He assaulted his mom and nearly destroyed our family when we were kids. Mom fought eviction after eviction because of my brother the monster. My brother the monster pulled a knife on a six year old. He pulled a knife on me. He has picked fight with me and then called the police when I defend myself. I want to love Jason but he is trash. He is a monster. He tries to denigrate me wherever I go. He is unfortunately my arch-enemy but not by choice. In comics arch enemies duke it out and the hero usually wins. In real life the arch-enemy ends up with injunctions against harassment filings and defending lawsuits against willfully causing emotion distress continuously for 40 years. Sometimes the protagonist losses in real life too. He has been banished or exiled by 99% of the family.

     When I moved to Tucson I seemed to have a problems with all the JW control freaks. The problem with me is I became hell-bent on vindicating myself. A JW is not supposed am not supposed to do that. After a few times of this I stop participating in the JW religion. I became involved with deporgrammers who participate in voluntary and involuntary interventions with members of religious communities labeled as cults. That lifestyle was revealing and worse than anything I experienced in the JW religion. On top of that I picked a control freak church. Then someone tried to bully me at work (Target) This coworker was also bullying one other person. His name was Wes Beard. I blew a gasket. I rocked the boat more than I probably should. Then I quit. I am like, "what the hell is wrong with me?" I did not realize until 12 years later that I autism spectrum disorder. It has been a long painful journey. 
     Nevertheless, I have had my highlights that included being part of a delegation to lobby for the Matthew Sheppard Act before Congress, having my name inscribed on the the Southern Poverty Law Center's Law of Tolerance, being awarded the Silent Lambs Courage Award for my advocacy of sexual abuse survivors in the JW religion and presenting research papers about my experiences in the Anticult Movement.
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