• Freedom does not come from restraints- Me
  • Truth does not come from lies- Nietzsche 
  • Spirit and soul is horseshit of the worst sort.- Albert Ellis (In Interview with Myrtle Heery, PhD, 2000)
  •  Peace does not come from war. War does not come from peace-Me
  • “Take [your] stand beyond good and evil, and treat the illusion of moral judgment as beneath [you]”-Nietzsche
  • Why do companies put so much money into outside charities when they could put that same money towards helping their own employees-Me  
  • Attaining true peace is very simple: noninterference. People should just stay out of everyone's hair.  Disputes are usually started by someone's interfering in others' personal life. Noninterference is Key. Forget about all these active plans about peace attainment. Just stop interfering in others' live.-Me 
  • If life is so sacred according to pro-life adherents, then why do they endorse war? Or if life only sacred before birth?