Friday, October 15, 2021

An Open Letter to my Abusive Mom---and for Good Reason

Dear Mom,

As a Jehovah's I wrote a letter to you stating that you would never be anything but a friend. Do you remember that letter? I never hug you or kiss you, or say, "love you." You destroyed our familial relationship in 1992, and I decided to make no attempts to repair it. Jason thinks were are such great buddies, and has been trying to ruin an illusion since 1992. Now you dead to me. 

Your vitriol is atrocious. The worst thing you have ever said to me is, "You were nasty" because I said your mother fondled me. You were nasty. Grandma is a child molester and your defended it because you are a child molester defender. How does that make you feel? If you feel nothing, you are a psycho like Jason; well, you did create him. Jason acted out because of who this family is: an alcoholic family. 

You created a monster who is no better than dad, as well as you. You are no better than dad. You are also a bald faced liar like Biblical Ananias' wife Saphira who lied with her husband and were struct dead by God. You also slandered me to Kris by saying I bullied Jason. That is a lie. Lets talk about what Jason did

1. In 1984 Jason got a mob to beat me up all year and in the end they sexually assaulted me. Jason put me in danger.

2. In high school Jason constantly sent people after me. I can name all these people.  Jason put me in danger.

3. Recently Jason ganged  up on me with Anna

Jason needs these people to feed to psychotic ego because he cannot fight his own battles. He is a an vitriolic coward plain and simple

I am the only person among us that remains somewhat functional and I intend staying that way. That means self-exiling myself from this pathetic and anger-ridden family of alcohol and drug users. You are a looser and a destroyer, and if you think that punishing me by removing me as executor gives you power over me, you got another thing coming. Remove my inheritance too while you are at it. I am legally changing my name, and after that you will never find me again. Goodbye and good riddens. I should have done this long ago.



PS:If this is not clear enough this time, I can always send that book on the kings and queens of England you sent me