Monday, September 16, 2013

European Enlightenment Revival

Ben Franklin
     The founding fathers of our country were proponents of what has come to be called the European Enlightenment that espoused a renewed interest in Greek philosophical beliefs about the Republic model of government, separation of morality and God, separation of church and state, separation of God and science (Naturalism), and the use of logic in thinking. With years of interference by the ancient and medieval churches in politics and science, Spinoza, Locke, and Mill sparked a shift in thinking that dis-empowered  Christendom, the Kingdom, and superstition.

     In looking for information to revive interest in the Enlightenment (Neo-Enlightement), I found the following  article. I enjoyed it and I hope you do to. We need a Neo-Enlightenment revival that keeps totalitarian government and religion out of our lives, and that once again promotes the use of reasoning over uneducated decisions that seem to control so many sectors of our Society. Join with me in starting a Neo-Enlightenment Revival

Neo-Enlightenment Thinking

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